Advisory Board

The mission of the School’s Advisory Board is to promote the Theatre Program through individual relationships in the community and to enhance public awareness of the program and its productions. The Board supports the Theatre Program’s financial needs through personal contributions, fundraising activities, and the cultivation of new Board members, patrons and donors.

The Board also helps sponsor the annual Showcase of Talent event, which gives senior Acting and Musical Theatre majors an opportunity to audition for and interview with industry professionals (agents, casting directors, managers, producers and others for professional theatre, television and film) from around the country. These potential employers also interview and review portfolios of junior and senior Dramaturgy and Design/Technology majors.

2017-18 Advisory Board Members

  • Cindy Ashton
  • Bill Bennett
  • Bruce Brockman (School Director)
  • Francis Bauer
  • Jane Brown (Secretary)
  • Steve Browning
  • Lindsey Burlingame
  • Julie Cohn
  • Carol Cunin
  • Carol Elliott
  • Elyse Golob
  • Tim Kelly
  • Greg Knopf (Vice President)
  • Linda Laden
  • Kwan Lee
  • Gloria Linden (President)
  • Priscilla Márquez
  • Bill Neumann (Past President)
  • Judy Ranzer
  • Ed Steinhoff
  • Tony Terry
  • Jo Ann Zirkle

Life Members

  • Pat Ballard
  • Walter Kutscher
  • Mary Parnell
  • Lillian Rosenzweig

Associate Members

  • Doris Coris
  • Taffie Eiff
  • Joe Gootter
  • Ken Greenfield
  • Joan Horwitz
  • Jane Kivel
  • Schuyler Lininger
  • Caren Newman
  • Sharmin Pool
  • Vivi Sabbagh
  • Ted Taubeneck
  • Victoria Terzano
  • Don VandeGriff


Questions? Contact the Theatre Program Advisory Board at