Price Savings

Save 20% off single ticket prices for Arizona Repertory Theatre (ART) productions.

Great Seats

Subscribers order and receive their seating assignments first. Enjoy the “same seats” for each ART production in the Marroney Theatre and priority seating for Tornabene Theatre shows. “Same seats” are available for orders received prior to August 3, when single tickets go on sale. Orders placed after that date will be seated as close as possible based on availability.

Flexibility with Free Ticket Exchange

All subscription tickets may be exchanged free of charge. Exchange requests must be made 24 hours in advance and for the same play only (pending availability) by mail, fax (520.626.8052), or in person. If your tickets are in Will Call, you may also call the UA Fine Arts Box Office to exchange at (520.621.1162) during business hours. Original tickets MUST BE returned prior to exchange. There are no refunds.

Discounts on Single Tickets

Save 10% off any additional Arizona Repertory Theatre tickets you purchase. Call 520.621.1162 for details.

Supporting the Future of Theatre

Subscribers provide the foundation of support for our students through ticket purchases and by providing one of the essential elements for live theatre – an audience. Your presence at our shows gives our students valuable experience for their future as artists and artisans in their chosen professions. THANK YOU!

For more information on becoming a season subscriber, contact Charles Cannon, Fine Arts Box Office Manager, at 520.621.3363 or