Marroney Theatre

The Marroney Theatre

1025 N. Olive Rd.

Tucson, AZ 85721


The Marroney Theatre opened its doors in 1956 with an inaugural production of Hamlet.  The theatre is one of two beautiful venues used by Arizona Repertory Theatre.  At the time of its opening, The Marroney Theatre was the best theatre in Arizona and influenced the construction of many other venues throughout the state.  The theatre was originally known as The University Theatre but was later renamed The Marroney Theatre to pay tribute to Peter R. Marroney who served as the head of the theatre department for 36 years.

Over the years, The Marroney Theatre has experienced many upgrades.  The most significant upgrade occurred in 1993 with the addition of new seats, carpeting, stage drapes, lighting and sound systems.  Additional upgrades have been made through the years in order to maintain a valuable learning program for theatre students and provide a quality entertainment experience for patrons.

The Marroney Theatre is located in the heart of the College of Fine Arts connecting seamlessly with the School of Music and the School of Art.  The Marroney Theatre welcomes visitors with an intriguing outdoor arts spaces and sculpture garden known as the Arts Oasis.  The Arts Oasis is surrounded by the brick Path of Excellence and complemented with shaded trees and seating areas for any arts lover to enjoy.  The Arts Oasis, designed by artist and CFA Department alumna Barbara Grygutis, was brought to life in 1998 and continues to bring joy to theatergoers every season.

The Marroney Theatre courtyard also holds a beautiful bronze sculpture just outside of the entrance.  The sculpture, simply known as Hamlet, was a gift to the College of Fine Arts in 1996 by Paul Speyer and William Arms.  Arms conceived and created the bronze sculpture which is stands over 10 feet tall weighing approximately 1,600 pounds.

The Marroney Theatre is a traditional proscenium theatre with a 324 seating capacity for plays and a 308 seating capacity for musicals.  Seating capacity is adjusted for musicals to make accommodations for the sound console.  The intimate theatre space provides patrons with exceptional views of the stage and allows them to connect with actors and fellow audience members for an exciting night at the theatre.

The Marroney Theatre

Entrance to The Marroney Theatre


(Photos by Ed Flores)