Tornabene Theatre

The Tornabene Theatre

1025 N. Olive Rd.

Tucson, AZ 85721


The Tornabene Theatre, originally known as The Laboratory Theatre, opened in 1994 with a monumental production of A Tale of Two Cities.  The space is a unique five-sided, flexible and experimental performance space with a new seating configuration each season.  The space includes both floor and balcony seating with balcony seating looking down on the performance.  Depending upon the seating configuration, seating capacity ranges from 260 to 280 seats.

The space allows for open and imaginative staging and seating.  Faculty and students are provided with this distinctive theatrical space which promotes creative and innovative productions resulting in an enhanced educational and spectator experience.

The Laboratory Theatre was renamed The Tornabene Theatre in 2006 with a gift from Lyn Tornabene in honor of her husband Frank and her daughter Wendy Lyn.  The gift was meant to celebrate the family’s love of the arts.  The renaming took place as part of the School’s 75th Anniversary Gala.

For the 2021/2022 seasons, Arizona Repertory Theatre and Next Performance Collective will perform five productions in The Tornabene Theatre including Into the Woods, Three Sisters, Everybody, Living Dead in Denmark, and High Fidelity.

For more information on these productions or to purchase tickets, please visit or contact the Fine Arts Box Office at (520)621-162 or

Courtyard of The Tornabene Theatre

The Tornabene Theatre


(Photos by Ed Flores)